fully automated manufacturing technology

engionic Femto Gratings uses a special inscription technology for FBGs, based on infrared fs-laser technology. The laser is focused into the core of the fiber and induces local refractive index changes in a point-by-point writing process. The process is highly nonlinear and therefore basically independent of the fiber material, which means that doping the fiber is not required. The FBGs can be written in radiation insensitive fibers and special pure core fibers for harsh environments. The gratings are type II gratings that withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C. As the process is applied through the coating of the fiber, no stripping and recoating is required, resulting in superior tensile strength of the FBGs.


Our production process is highly automated for large quantities, but at the same time it is flexible enough to realize customized, single unit products. The manufacturing setup enables us to produce customer-specific FBG on short notice with minimum delivery times.





engionic Femto Gratings GmbH is part of the engionic Group, which designs and produces tailor-made OEM products and services for the processing industry. The groups technological focus is on the manufacturing of fiber optic sensors and components – from single unit individual developments up to large scale serial production.

Our Fiber Optic Sensor product portfolio reflects the perfect combination of

a fully integrated internal value chain – from the production of Fiber Bragg Gratings and CNC parts up to the entire sensor assembly, calibration and housing

more than 25 years of experience and know-how in the realization of customer-specific solutions for all aspects of light guides and fiber optic system components

worldwide first commercial supplier of fs-laser-written FBGs based on an industry leading and most cost-effective production process

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