In contrast to conventional FBG solutions, we can write Fiber Bragg Gratings into all optical transparent fiber materials with a wide range of specifications and a broad variety of fiber coatings. Our available fibers cover high-end specialty fibers as well as low-cost commodity fibers. Our production process is highly automated for large quantities, but at the same time it is flexible enough to realize customized, single unit products. The manufacturing setup enables us to produce customer-specific FBG on short notice with minimum delivery times.


  • Standard single mode fiber (germanium doped fibers)
  • Bend insensitive fiber (e.g. trench fiber)
  • Pure silica core fiber (ideally suited against hydrogen darkening, in harsh environments, subsea, sub soil, and thermal remediation)
  • Radiation hard fiber (e.g. fluorine doped fiber)
  • Special fibers and materials like sapphire or laser fiber (super high temperature measurements >1.000°C)
  • Standard fiber diameter from 80 to 125µm (fiber diameter from 25 to 50µm available on request)


  • Acrylate coating (standard up to 85°C & high temperature acrylate up to 180°C)
  • Polyimide (PI) coating for temperatures up to 300°C (400°C short term)
  • Carbon coating for hermetic sealing
  • Fiber ruggedization with extra buffers (e.g. PEEK)
  • Custom coating options on request